About the Bryant family

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When you can trace your farming heritage back at least seven generations, your agricultural roots run deep. Carrel's father, A.A., worked as a boy on our farm near Francis, Okla., in the early 1900s. He first worked in trade for a horse and saddle, which he used to ride 178 miles back and forth across the state to the Snyder/Tipton area to help family farm there. By 1940, he had purchased the farm and had started building a herd of Herefords and raising hay. Although A.A. cut down many of the pecan trees to make more room for cattle and hay, he picked up the fallen pecans to pay his taxes each year.

Louise and Carrel Bryant in front of their farm store, Bryant Pecan Company.

Louise grew up on a Jersey dairy. The Dew family was the last to deliver milk door to door in Ada. After Carrel and Louise got married, Louise's father, Sam, gave the couple a dairy cow to help get started. Both school teachers working a farm, Carrel left teaching in the early 1980s to ramp up their pecan operation. 

The family began commercially harvesting pecans in 1984 for a 60-mile radius. In 2002, the family opened their retail pecan store, Bryant Pecan Company in Ada. In 2013, Carrel and Louise decided to retire. That only lasted a few months until they were building a pecan store on the farm. The store offers a wide selection of pecans, nuts, Amish products, candy and gifts.

Today, the farming family focuses on the pecans, hay and a cow-calf operation that consists of a purebred Hereford herd and a commercial Angus-based cowherd. Lisa added Boer goats in

2017 while living on a small acreage. She has since bought out a successful show herd. Her goals are to provide quality goats that are reasonably priced for youngsters hoping to show, as well as to produce top end functional breeding stock.

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Randy and Carrel Bryant at Bryant Pecan Company.

Lisa works in ag marketing and communications and has served the industry in several leadership roles. She is past president and director of the Livestock Publications Council. She was honored with the Distinguished Service Award in 2014. She also has served as president and director of the Oklahoma State University Animal Science Alumni Association. She has been a member and served on committees of the National Agri-Marketing Association and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

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The family have all been active in agricultural organizations. Carrel and Randy are both past presidents of the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association, and both have been named Oklahoma Pecan Grower of the year.

4-H has been an important program for the family, especially since that's how Carrel and Louise met! All four family members have achieved the Oklahoma Key Club award for the top 1% of members. Lisa also served as an Oklahoma 4-H state officer.

Randy is active in the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, serving in several offices and on several committees. The Bryant family has been the regional Farm Bureau family of the year twice.

Carrel Bryant received a heifer to show in 4-H.
Lisa, Carrel, Louise and Randy Bryant pose in front of Bryant Pecan Company.
Lisa Bryant showing a Hereford heifer at the All-American Junior Hereford Expo in Murfreesboro,Tennessee.
Randy Bryant feeding with the future livestock guardian dog, Ellie.
Louise Bryant's family was the last dairy to deliver milk door to door in Ada, Oklahoma.
Carrel Bryant shows off some of the pecans grown on Bryant Farms near Ada, Oklahoma.
Louise Bryant feeding a bottle baby.
Bryant Pecan Company storefront
Lisa Bryant as part of the Oklahoma 4-H state officer team in 1990-91.
Randy Bryant of Bryant Farms with a Boer Goat kid.
1993 Oklahoma State University Livestock Judging Team
Louise Bryant bottles milk on her family's Jersey dairy.
Carrel Bryant of Bryant Farms speaks to the crowd at the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association meeting.
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